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“GymnoRa – Innovation in Gymnastics” is an expertise in the field of Gymnastics with focus on introducing this breath-taking sport to young one in their own locality. With the 15 yrs of experience, we approach sports with distinct lesson plans – in a fully equipped, safe & secure environment – supervised by internationally qualified coaches & make the young once take part in various levels of competitions.

Gymnastics – Only the strong survive

Gymnastics can be the most fun thing in the world. From kids enjoying rolls and cartwheels to olympians demonstrating impossible skills, gymnasts unleash their strength, flexibility and dedication.

GymnoRa – Your fitness stop for innovation in gymnastics. GymnoRa, a first of its kind Gymnastics studio for kids is emerging as an expert in the field of gymnastics. The sole mission is to introduce gymnastics to the younger generation dwelling in the city of Chennai.

GymnoRa offers education on physical skills development with an aim to improve your children’s confidence, their athletic interests along with their personal character development. With internationally qualified coaches, imported high-quality training equipments, children friendly environment, your kid will experience an unmatched gymnastic training experience. It’s time to help you keep fit!

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(World Class Gymnastics Stadium),
Plot No: 46, 5th Street,
Maxworth Nagar, S.Kolathur,
Kovilambakkam, Chennai 117.

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